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WSSC presenters are passionate, motivated fitness industry leaders with diverse backgrounds. A mix of fan favorites and 12 new presenters join us this year from all over the globe to share their knowledge and enrich your WSSC experience.

Fabio’s sessions reveal the science, research and methodology behind mobility and flexibility, while also providing useful information to evaluate and improve form. Fabio will also teach you how to gain a clearer understanding of the complexities of metabolism, fat and sugars.

Fabio Comana

Fabio Comana, MA, MS
United States

Irene’s sessions teach invaluable techniques for muscle relaxation and strategies for optimal recovery. She will also share ideas on creating turn-key workouts, partnering and promoting, and resourcing unique workout spaces to host classes.

Irene Lewis-McCormick

Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS
United States

Jeff offers workshops, workouts and rides centered around creativity and intensity. You will learn techniques, strategies, and ideas for teaching movement and creating unique classes. Most sessions are followed by rides that will challenge and inspire you.

Jeff Krabiel

Jeff Krabiel, MS
United States

Angie’s sessions focus on determining your personal threshold and training zones. Angie presents techniques and new innovations in rider engagement and real time display of metrics using the tracking system, showcasing how to unleash cutting-edge technology with power to enhance your Spinning® experience.

Angie Sturtevant

Angie Sturtevant, USAC Elite L1 & Power-Based Coach – United States

Along with presenting fun, motivational rides, Nestor offers sessions in English and Spanish that will help you improve instructor skills. Discussing cadence and resistance in detail, Nestor will provide you with valuable tools to master movement.

Nestor Salinas

Nestor Salinas